WOF Onehunga – WOF services are available to ensure your car is safe and legal. Whether you need work on mufflers, brakes, shocks, or any other vehicle servicing, get your Warrant of Fitness from the right people now.

God’s country

In New Zealand, your vehicle must have a Warrant of Fitness (also known as a WOF) as well as an up to date registration to be legal. As Warrant of Fitness providers, we are experts in our field and can inspect your vehicle to ensure its road worthiness.

What is a WOF

A WOF is a periodic safety inspection that is compulsory for light vehicles, light vehicle’s such as a car, station wagon, van or 4WD vehicle. It can also be a motorcycle or something similar.

What we look at

We will check the condition of key areas of your vehicle. Areas of concern include tyre condition (including tread depth), brakes, structural condition, lights, windscreen cracks and windscreen wipers are working, doors, airbags and so much more. All these areas are important aspects of your vehicle safety.

What a Warrant of Fitness doesn’t cover

A WOF doesn’t dig deep into a vehicle’s condition. For example, it doesn’t check items like engine, clutch, gearbox and differential condition, lubricant levels, brake pad thickness or life expectancy (unless they are visibly below safe limits).

Warrant of Fitness

What if my vehicles fails?

Should your vehicle fail its Warrant of Fitness inspection we have the automotive services to get your vehicle in Warrant of Fitness condition. Whether you need work on mufflers, brakes, shocks, or any other vehicle servicing get your Warrant of Fitness – WOF from the right people now.

It is almost Christmas

2020 has been a strange and challenging year. Many people can’t travel overseas for Christmas to visit family and more people will be travelling locally in New Zealand. This means more cars on the road. It will be a great idea to ensure your vehicle is ready to go for the long road.

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