What Problems Occur if a Car is Not Driven For A Long Time

Mechanics Royal Oak – So, COVID-19 happened and it was lockdown level this and then lockdown level that. Like someone said – we can barely drive somewhere, left alone fly. Cars are washed (hopefully!) and nicely tucked away in the garage, carport or driveway…  That is where the problems start. A car that is standing for a long time could develop problems without you realising it. Let’s look at a few below.

Flat battery

If you haven’t started and run your car for a decent amount of time you may find you have a flat battery, If you have had that battery for a while you might even find you’ll need to replace that battery

Noisy brakes

If you start to drive your car and you hear a grinding noise when braking it could be a build-up of rust on you brake rotors, it’s best to get it checked out as soon as you can.

Low tyre pressures

For extended periods where your car hasn’t been driven you might find you have lost some of your tyre pressure, its best to get it to the service station and get them topped up to avoid any unsafe driving or excessive tyre wear.

Pre-existing issues

If you had any pre-existing issues before the lockdown e.g. oil leaks, Coolant leaks etc. There has been an extended period where these issues have continued, and you have not been able to keep an eye on them.

Make sure you check your oil, coolant, brake, clutch, power steering and transmission (if possible) fluids before starting your vehicle.

New issues

Your car may have developed an issue while it has been sitting around, this is why it is important to check all of your levels and do a visual check of the vehicle. When you start the vehicle make sure you check for any lights on the dash that may come up, let the vehicle idle for a minute or two and do a quick visual check of the engine bay and underneath the vehicle and make sure there are no leaks and everything is doing what it should be.

If the car is not quite running properly or you notice any issues, then get it checked out straight away by your friendly mechanic.  Call us – or drive by today!