Some car repairs can be put off for a while, but others just absolutely can’t. Car repairs require a professional mechanic’s skill and experience. Let’s talk about the ones that are essential to your car running properly.

Tyre rotation and wheel alignment are things you should definitely look at having doing. This will help to reduce the wear on your tyres, as well as even them out. Regular tyre rotation and wheel alignment will reduce the likelihood of having to make additional, bigger car repairs due to bad tyres. Rotating them and aligning them will also prevent drifting and improve fuel efficiency. Your owner’s manual specifies how often you should have a professional perform this.

Checking fluids and replacing filters is also a super important ‘repair’ you should do and includes brake, radiator, oil, power steering, and transmission. When you have a pro do a tune-up, they’ll see if the fluids are still good or if they need replaced. Fuel, oil, and air filters all
also need to be clean and efficiently operating. Having this done regularly can improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle as well as its lifespan.

The belts (not your seatbelts), that assist in the operation of various parts of your engine need to be inspected as well. If they sag, are shredded, or look physically damaged, they should be fixed or replaced immediately.

The spark plugs and the battery of your car are also parts that should be inspected and replace appropriately. For all the car repairs you shouldn’t put off the team at Mayne Automotive can help.