Car batteries are the most important component of the vehicle without which the car cannot function. Every car has a certain demands for the battery and manufacturer specifications. When trying to decide what the best car batteries are, you should take into account the usage, the load on the battery and the vehicle type more than anything else. Price is a consideration only if you can find a battery that fits into the car specification needs and is offered at a competitive price.

Nowadays new vehicles come with several new electrical and computerised systems like automatic sensors, MP3 players, and advanced air conditioning. All these additional components put a heavy demand for power on the battery. The main determining factor while buying a battery is invariably the size and the load capacity rather than the price.

Another important factor to consider is the manufacturer’s specifications. It is uncommon that a car manufacturer will recommend a specific brand of battery but they would definitely give the type and size. It is always better to follow these instructions that are based on the size and type. Most car experts recommend you stick to the same brand and type as much as possible. However, as cars get old, the batteries may no longer be available in the market. In such a case it is the best to opt for a battery model that has higher capacity than the previous one. Also, ask a car mechanic for inputs on the types of car batteries that are suitable for your vehicle.

While cost does matter, cheap car batteries may not be the ideal choice for your car. So don’t let price be the deciding factor talk to the team at Mayne Automotive for more advice.