With tyres priced from under $100 each up to over $1000 each, how much to spend can be a big decision, but is it really that important? Head in to Mayne Automotive and you’ll notice a vast selection of tyres making the decision all the more complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Talk to the team about the right tyres for your driving style, vehicle, conditions and budget.

As a general rule – a more expensive tyre will give you a better tyre in terms of grip and other qualities such as reduced rolling resistance, better fuel economy and lower noise during highway driving. But the most important thing to keep in mind is how you will be using the tyres – if you only drive short distances around town then a top of the line tyre probably isn’t going to equate to value for money for you. If you travel long distances and frequently then is probably is.

Very cheap tyres are quite cheap for a very good reason. These tyres usually don’t grip very well and since that is vital is helping you to avoid a crash, it’s probably not something you want to scrimp on.

As with many things in life there is a compromise. A mid-range tyre is exactly that – a compromise between value and performance.

Unless you’re driving a Ferrari or Porsche which require larger tyres with a low profile and which come with a hefty price tag, you’re in luck. Most small and family cars typically use more affordable tyres and offer the widest range of options. If you are still unsure of the tyres you need and the price you should pay for them just come in and ask the team at Mayne Automotive. We provide tyres inspections, sales and fitting.