We here at Mayne Automotive are the local experts. We have the experience and qualifications to fix any problem with your car, but so you can understand some of the basics too, we have put together this little article about your cars radiator:

The radiator in your car is a heat exchanger made up of a network of hexagonal tubes that passes through a machine’s engine block. These tubes are designed to hold coolant, which is responsible for absorbing engine heat. The objective is that the ambient air cools down the liquid as it passes to and from the engine, much in the same way a refrigerator works.

Common Radiator Problems

As the vehicles owner, it is very important to give your radiator a regular check-up to avoid overheating, as this is a common cause of engine damage. Newer cars mostly have radiators made from plastic or lightweight aluminium and with proper maintenance they can last for up to a decade. Older cars, on the other hand, are usually made of sturdier metals. Make sure to have your mechanic regularly check your radiator for cracks that tend to form in the plastic or metal.

When you encounter overheating problems, the first thing we do is to check for is leaks, and whether or not your radiator has the right antifreeze level. If you notice a pooling of greenish fluid under your car after a period of parking, this is a sign of leak – bring your car in and we’ll check it immediately.

Radiator Handling Tips

You must take care when handling radiators and always use the correct safety gear. Because of its pressurised system, the quick removal of the cap will result in fast depressurisation and release of steam – this can result in severe burns. Always remove your radiator cap slowly and when the engine has been given a chance to cool down.

To ensure that your radiator is in good working condition, the team here at Mayne Automotive will check the thermostat, clamps and hoses as well. Any damaged and corroded parts will be replaced immediately and if necessary, antifreeze will also be drained and refilled regularly in accordance with the car manufacturer’s recommended schedule. To have your radiator checked, contact Mayne Automotive today.