Here at Mayne automotive, we pride ourselves on choosing our partners carefully. Our partnership with Dandy exports is one we are proud of. Dandy Exports are a company that we have trusted our Mayne fleet with, with most of our vehicles having been imported by Dandy Exports.

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Welcome to “Dandy Exports” an export company dedicated to searching, purchasing and delivering top quality vehicles to our customers and clients worldwide.

Our aim is to acquire top quality vehicles based on customer request and with access to ALL auctions nationwide we work closely with the auction staff and various shipping companies to attain this goal.

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1. Contact Us

Our friendly staff are here to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction in achieving the right car for you.

2. We Find

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, you can rest assure you have the right team to find you the best car for your needs.

3. Straight To The Door

We will deliver your car straight to your doorstep to make obtaining your car that much easier.

Dandy Exports
New Japan Organisation, LLC,

Address: 4-10-5, Koto-Ku, Toyosu, Tokyo, Japan 135 0061
Whatssap: +81 80 – 2000 – 3569


From today ( March 1st 2020) all new cars, vans, four-wheel drives and goods vehicles imported into New Zealand are required to have ESC. ESC is a crash prevention system that intervenes if it detects a vehicle is about to skid or lose traction. It is able to independently control the braking of each wheel to correct the vehicle and pull it back into line. The requirement does not apply to some specialist vehicles. please use this link to check the status of your unit intended to import to NZ. We will always check and double-check for you so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with your questions or queries.


“The Team at Dandy Exports took our information upon contact and gave us many examples and stats based on the type of vehicle we were searching for. We narrowed it down and they successfully bid for our new car. The vehicle was shipped and delivered in 3 weeks and we were very happy with the outcome.”

Jared Gibbs, Auckland, NZ

With his new arrival. We won the bid for this unit for $5,302 ( NZ$) $3,649 ($US). 2012 Toyota Prius5D, S, 98,000km, Grade 4. BARGAIN!!

Phil ( AKA DJ Sir-Vere ), Wellington, NZ

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